I am just trying to figure it all out. I live in LA, and kinda wish that I lived somewhere greener with infinitely more peace–however, I can’t say that it isn’t interesting here.

I think in pictures, and in frames.. always. I think in colors and look for beauty in everything i do and everything around me. I am a photographer and make-up artist with my own business just getting up and running.

I enjoy:

cold winter days, rain, tea, jazz, creating, films, fashion, ridiculousness is many forms, laughing, handwritten letters, true friends, honesty, chunky jewelry, shoes that sparkle or have some sort of quirk to them, food (especially italian food. mmm.) healthy cooking! dancing anywhere and everywhere for no real good reason other than getting my dance on, a good pair of sweatpants, yoga, old photographs,old cameras,themed parties,costumes,perfect pens, sunset, the artistic ventures of my friends and those i love ,impromptu vacations, bare feet, poems, chapstick, robots, meadows, grassy hills, museums, polka dots,girls nights,margaritas,my piano, karaoke, plans, sketching, journals, stargazer lilies, craigslist, gerbera daisies, the quirkiness of an orange tree in the front yard of a house, impromptu photo shoots,when people do not follow social protocols and just do their own thing, thinking about all the books i would love to write, kids, making things happen, the road less traveled, hot cocoa, candles,shiny things,love letters, scrabble,headbands,baking, acceptance, diversity,hula,singing show tunes at the top of my lungs, documentaries,writing songs, solitude,candids,dreaming,benedryl, animals, outdoors, the beach,awkward situations,treasure hunts,picnics,finger painting,the wonder of photoshop,haiku’s,memories,photo albums, freakin’ polar bears, large paintings, black white and red, dramatic images, people who are passionate and intense about what they do/love, baby animals,comedy,puns, pineapple,obscure fashion magazines, fake eyelashes, very large sunglasses,good quotes, traveling (i need to do more of that… sooonnn.) uniqueness, love, sarcasm, and a bunch of other stuff.. is anyone still reading this? Well… if you are, i might as well say what i don’t enjoy.

I do not enjoy: weather that is over 80 degrees. honestly? that is just ridiculous. Men who wear boys t-shirts to show of their man nipples, the sound of nylons being scratched, my own circulatory system, heights, lies, large objects falling from the sky,sneaky people, eggs in large portions, pretentious people, “the business”, smog, allergies, driving in los angeles, interest snatchers,an inability to be vulnerable to others, putting up walls,waiting, feeling out of control, falling more than once in a day, mystery bruises, most rap music,loud talkers, movie talkers, vomiting, ring tone commercials, getting hit by cars, when people try to convert me to their religion on airplanes, doing dishes, most snakes and spiders, awkward hugs, dead handshakes, “blunt” people, and things or situations with enough creep factor to give you the hibbie-jibbies.


One Response to “About…”

  1. Have I mentioned lately that I think you’re totally freaking rad? If not, you are.

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