The Sugar Cookie Gang

1435227926_cd3921480e_oIt was raining. I was running late to work, so I threw on a pink dress that was crumpled on my floor, tights, and rainboots and called it good. I knew that it was going to be a crazy day. Rainy days are always crazy when you are working with kids. This day would be particularly crazy…I could just feel it. It was the Friday before Valentines Day. A love fest celebration full of cookie induced sugar highs, and heart shaped crayon drawings. I got into my car and prepared to drive to work. Before I start my engine I realize that my phone is alerting me to a text message. It’s Sarah. She is sick, and will not be coming in today. Oh boy.

Although I am not surprised by her illness (Honestly, I believe the plague is going around in our classroom. Contagious, gross, and maybe fatal.) I am now slightly more terrified to see what I am going to find when I get to work. I usually do not go in until 11:00am…who were the kids with now? It is raining… how muddy is the classroom? I envision  soaked children, dragging mud onto the carpet with their rainboots, and leaving hand-prints behind on all door knobs and reachable surfaces.

When I arrive, the kids are outside. Yes, in the rain. I inquire as to who had been watching the kids, and I am informed it is the preschool teacher. She is the spaced out spiritual type…the kind who believes in her ability to read your aura, follows a handful of gurus, and has a side business of selling handcrafted archangelic dolls. She lets me know that they have all had a “beautiful picnic together” (it’s raining.) and she has done a puppet play for them. I inform her that the sugar cookies she is frosting seem to be getting soggy from the rain. Delicious. I ring the bell and have the kids come inside to play while we wait for the substitute kindy teacher to arrive.

The kids all were in rare form. I am fairly certain that they assembled a chain gang while I did some of the dishes. There was a big commotion, and what seemed to be plotting and scheming. I had to break up a fight over a wooden rocking board. There was also some talk of “bathroom words” that I had to cut off (“bathroom words” are a real big deal lately…they are all very into them.) .. All in all it seemed to be under control, so I cleaned up the room a bit while keeping an eye out for any potential kindy gang activity. Finally  sometime after noon the substitute arrived. The sub was the previous kindy teacher before Sarah started working at the school this year. She knows the school, and most of the kids pretty well. I do not know her, but it seems like it will all be fine. As soon as she arrived the children start completely going nuts, and taking advantage of her. I know it’s not my place to really do anything at this point in time, so I just cringe and watch as she allows the kids to create a bunch of drama and watch her cater to it all. It’s hard to see your classroom turn into a circus of sorts.

We had story time before lunch. She told a fifteen minute story about some sort of snow fairy or something. All I know is it was long, and it didn’t share the same intrigue as Sarah’s usual story/found object puppet show to The Three Billie Goats Gruff. I knew that if I was losing my interest/ability to sit still that most of the five year olds in the room were two seconds away from freaking out with pent up energy.   Finally the story of the snowy fairy maiden lady comes to an end, and it is lunch time.  Pretty normal lunch, however, one of the children baked sugar cookies for everyone as a valentines day gift.  Other kids passed out their valentines as well.  All the kids ate cookies….right before nap. Not wise. Not wise at all.  I am not even going to go into the details of nap…that is a whole other story.

The rest of my day is sort of just a blur.  Me trying to keep up with a bunch of sugar charged youngsters and not lose my mind completely.  Did I mention there was a bake sale that day after school?  Oh yes.  So, every child in Aftercare was cracked out on sucrose.  This lead to an increase in: screaming, running, unnecessary hitting, name calling, messiness, dangerous ideas, and a surplus of time outs.  I should have had a whistle and maybe some handcuffs for this particular day… or one of those sneaky tranquilizer dart guns.  Oooh.

The last child was picked up around 6:00pm…where I made my great escape.  After being locked in a small room with the sugar-cookie gang for hours, your first impulse is to flee.  Just run.  Don’t look back.  I imagine it’s the same feeling you get when you have a chance to escape an ACTUAL gang, that doesn’t involve getting jumped out…you take that chance.  So, that’s what I did.  I ran.

Sweet freedom.


~ by soartsyithurts on February 22, 2009.

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