New Kid On The Block…

243542123_8fe5d300d5 I’m not pointing any fingers here, but I am fairly certain that the new kid in our Kindergarten class went into my purse when I wasn’t looking and molested my electronic squirrel pet. I had just received it as a gift from Sarah, and it was zipped away neatly in my purse for safety. No one to my knowledge has ever gone through my purse before, so the situation I found when arriving back to the picnic table where my purse has been peacefully resting was a bit unsettling. The gift bag which Sarah had packaged the squirrel in was on the picnic table… sans squirrel. In a bit of a panic, I opened my bag to find the squirrel stuffed awkwardly away in the corner of my large purse, looking up at me violated. Sarah had also given me an envelope holding tickets to the Museum Of Jurassic Technology. The envelope, originally wrapped with a silky ribbon was now bare. After further examination the ribbon was under the picnic table, all sad and discarded. What in the heck? My suspect has rummaged through my bag, taken the packaging and left all the goodies… much like a cat on Christmas.

I say I suspect the new kid, because she was really the only one over at the picnic tables while I was on the yard– and she was in a state of extreme distress over a “missing sandwich”, which she had eaten during lunchtime. She even told her Mother that we MADE her eat her sandwich, crying “They made me do it, they made me eat it ALL… but I want it back!! I WANT MY SANDWICH!!” Basically making our supervision of healthy lunch eating sound like the abusive hand of experienced torturers forcing a child to eat their best friend; ALL of them. I suspect in a general fit of rage she saw my large inviting purse, and perchance went on a sandwich hunt… upon finding the squirrel, which was not a sandwich, she grew disappointed and zipped the bag back up, but being only five years old and a sloppy crook she left behind the evidence of her intrusion. The child’s mother tried to diffuse the sandwich debacle by offering for her daughter to eat her little brother’s left over sandwich. The girl’s little brother said it was fine. This is, until he too realized that his sandwich was missing… forever. Crying turned to screaming, and they made their exit.

I’d like to say that this was the only encounter I have had with this little lady that creeps me out a little, but it’s been two days since she has joined our class, and I cannot in good faith say that is the case.

Yesterday, during a completely chaotic nap (NO ONE wanted to nap. It was bananas.) she could not be still, let alone quiet. I came back from my lunch break, and I could tell from the look on Sarah’s face that this was kind of a problem nap situation. I offered to watch them while she went to put some of the holiday decorations away upstairs. In that time, things really got interesting. Besides having to remind everyone to: lay down, stay in their own spaces, keep their hands to themselves, those things aren’t for touching, that they had JUST gone to the bathroom, to stop making those noises with their feet/hands/mouth… etc… I had the new girl trying to settle into the idea of nap; and it wasn’t going well. On the first day, I had been witness to her trying to fake cry in order to get out of napping… she worked it up for about twenty minutes until she finally got a teardrop to leak out. Yesterday, I was trying to talk to her about kicking the wall and not disturbing the other children… when, all of the sudden she starts to shove her fingers down her throat. Yes, she started to try to make herself vomit in order to undermine my authority and perchance get out of nap. I tried to get her fingers out of her mouth, but being the determined girl that she is, she rolled over onto her stomach close to the floor and continued. Holy cow. She was gagging. I couldn’t get her to stop. However, eventually she gave up… thank GOD. I felt ill equipped for that situation. I understand a child getting ill, and taking care of them… but a child making themselves vomit as an act of defiance? I am not sure I am built for that.

Oy Vey.


~ by soartsyithurts on January 7, 2009.

One Response to “New Kid On The Block…”

  1. My god, who IS this child? Hope things get easier, even if they are REAL funny.

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