Merry Christmas, Indeed.



First off, I hope everyone is having an amazing holiday season!  Christmas for me this year was absolutely unreal.  Not only did I get to spend it with my fantastic family eating large quantities of pasta… but I was the recipient of an absolutely ridiculously generous gift from my parents.  A car.  I know… crazy, right?  I am still trying to come to grips with the whole reality of their generosity myself.  On Christmas morning I opened up a tiny box that held a car key!  I was completely shocked… and then the shock turned to tears… and then to excitement.  I was escorted out to the garage where there inside was a brand new 2009 Honda Civic EX.  Its shiny, lovely, and smells dreamy.  It has navigation so that I can be a little less lost all of the time, and for me that is a big deal (I have a terrible sense of direction.)  It’s truly amazing.

For the first time in a long time (perchance, ever…)  I am actually looking forward to driving the 400 miles back to Los Angeles.

Peter spent Christmas at home with his family.  He went to Washington and I have been hanging with my parents in Norcal.  I haven’t seen him in over a week and I am really starting to miss his face.  I usually meet up with Peter in Washington at some point during the holidays, but this year I opted not to.  I got this intense death flu that lasted two weeks, so the thought of traveling between norcal and WA seemed daunting at the time.  I really miss it though.  I miss WA more than I thought I would.  I miss his family, our friends and the general shenanigans that occur whenever we go back to Seattle.  It’s been snowing there… and I am a little jealous of the sledding that has been going on down the Eykemans’ family driveway.

He is coming to Norcal for New Years Eve… and even though I am fairly certain it wont be as epic as our entrance into 2008 (drunk dancing in life-jackets atop a houseboat named “Banjo”)  I am really looking forward to it.

Today I went to Muir Woods with my friends Rachel and Thu.  We kind of went on an accidental hike… took a “wrong” turn somewhere and ended up on an uphill hike through the glorious redwood trees.  It was a nice accident.  It’s so beautiful here in Marin.  I feel like you can’t really appreciate the beauty until you move away… maybe grow up a little.  I remember in high school everyone wanted to leave this “boring town” so badly (perchance that was just the cool thing to say/want at the time…)  but now, hiking through the hills or the redwood trees… driving through wine county, or just enjoying the fresh air– it all reminds me of how amazing this place is.  I am kind of disturbed by my acquired nature allergies that have flourished during my time of living in the cement pond of Los Angeles.  No matter what kind of nature I am in, I end up getting allergies these days.  Oy.

After the afternoon spent in the woods, I had a little time to spend with my brother.  We went out to the movies and saw “YES man”.  It was funny, but nothing to write home about.  We had these girls sitting behind us who talked through the whole movie… laughing real loud at all jokes… then retelling the jokes… then explaining the jokes…. haha.  It was too ludicrous.  Almost as bad as someone picking up a cell phone call.  I just really don’t have a huge tolerance for movie talkers…

Anywho… just kind of an update blog.  I will post some stories in a bit.  Hope all is well wherever you are!


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