Sick. Ick. Ick.

untitled-imageI am home from work for the second day in a row. I have a fever that keeps on peeking up in the 101.1 arena, and yesterday I had quite the stomach fiasco. I thought I was all good to go to work this morning until I started feeling clammy and cold (It’s 90 degrees today…) so I checked my temperature which ended up being exactly 101.1 degrees. I called in to work, nervously, and they ordered me to stay home. Apparently working with a bunch of little kids when you have a fever and may or may not be contagious is a bad idea. Heh. I just hate calling in sick. I feel responsible for the kids, and I would much rather be there hanging out with them, than feeling slightly miserable at home. Did I mention it’s 90 degrees? Also not the best weather to be feeling ill in. Stupid, Los Angeles.

Turns out two of our kindergarteners also had a stomach flu with a high fever. I work in a germ factory.

I’ve taken a nap and a fever reducer and currently we are down to 99.2 degrees… so, we are making progress. I am incredibly bored at the same time as being tired… so I thought I would work on the old novel a little bit… it’s a slow process. I have been writing a little bit at school in a composition book during down time in kindergarten, but it’s not the same as being able to type it all out on the computer and see it all laid out in front of you. If I manage to make it to 50,000 words I doubt that it will be a cohesive piece of writing… bleh.

I got a phone call from my friend Rachel today!! I haven’t heard her voice in seemingly forever. She is currently traveling through Italy, and will probably be doing so until May of next year. It was so good to talk to her, laugh about stupid things, and just hear her voice. I miss her lots. Its hard not being able to contact your best friend when you want to. We have e-mail and everything, but it’s not the same as actually talking.

Peter had this link on his gchat away message today, and I thought it was pretty freakin’ hilarious. You must click here and read it: CLICK!!

Ok, sorry for the boring-blog-o-thon, but that’s all I currently got in me. I promise for something more exciting soon.


~ by soartsyithurts on November 14, 2008.

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