Busy Bee


Hi Everyone! Yes, I know, it has been forever since I have written anything… but In my defense, I currently have four jobs… yes, count them. Four. My job at the school as Aftercare Director, has expanded. I am now the new Kindergarten Assistant during school hours… which is essentially an assistant teaching position. I still do Aftercare after the school day is over, and run that program as well as assist in Kindergarten… so my hours are definitely full time! Of course, I still have my photography business to run, and am always accepting jobs there… also, this morning I got a call which officially employed me as a freelance make-up artist for Chanel. So… just a few things. haha. I am BUSY. I have not been this busy in… I cannot remember when.

Being the ridiculous person I am, I signed up to do National Novel Writing Month– yup, that is exactly what it sounds like–write a novel during the month of November. Needless to say with my current schedule it is going pretty poorly. I have 2000 out of 50,000 words completed, and no time to work on it. It’s looking pretty grim, but I still hold out some hope that I might be able to do it. By the time I get home at night I am usually so exhausted that I involuntarily pass out on the couch like a person with narcolepsy … this is also not helping my cause.

The weather here is constantly changing and cannot pick a season. It seems to be fumbling between fall and summer constantly. It has been pretty cold the last few days, which I am loving… and a week ago we had some RAIN! I wish I could just count on one climate. It would make my work attire more manageable.

The kids are great. I think I am learning more patience. They definitely help me with that! I am learning not to take their bad day’s personally, or their bad behavior personally, and just to deal with it as it comes up. I think I have become more consistent, which is really helping me. Working in the Kindergarten is completely different than the job I do after school. It is so much more Zen in Kindergarten. Miss Sarah, (The Lead Kindergarten Teacher) has really instilled some good groundwork with the kids, and I feel like I am learning a lot from her as far as how to say things, and just what kind of energy works and what doesn’t. It is nice to have the time in Kindergarten before going out into the yard and doing the whole Aftercare Program. After school it is dealing with multiple age groups, and it is chaotic in a lot of ways… so it is nice to have some time in a calm and structured area where I am second in command, instead of in charge.

I start my training for Chanel on Sunday… which is a COMPLETELY different job. I am not allowed to wear black to school (it’s a Waldorf Kindergarten Teacher rule…) and when I go to my Chanel job I am supposed to be in full on black business attire. Hopefully I will be around some people my own age–I think that will be the fun part.

Anyway, since I am currently still awake… I should probably be working on the ol’ novel instead of blogging. Thought I would give you guys a brief update. I will write some more specific stories soon… Lord knows my story bank is growing by the day.

Have a great night.



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  1. Yay for being hired by Chanel. That’s totally awesome, I’m sure you will love it:-) It will be nice to have a job where you don’t spend most of your time around children. I might be working at a dog salon…yup..a dog salon. Not as a groomer but as a receptionist. All I can say is…puppies!!!:-) A 8 week old puppy puggle came in while I was interviewing yesterday and I fell in love. Need one…now…lol. Good luck with all your jobs:-)

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