Falling Apart

Hi Everyone! Long time no write. I’ve been busy… and sick. One of the perks of working with kids and at a school is all of the germy little gifts you receive! I get coughed on, boogered on, you name it… it’s unavoidable, no matter how much I wash my hands or take my vitamins. So, I got some weird sinus dizzy thing, with a sweet cough to boot. I had to stay home from work on friday because I was so dizzy that I couldn’t have driven myself to work…. well, maybe I could have, but I probably would have taken out a few cyclists, kids, and elderly on the way… so I opted for the safe route of rest and no hit and runs. Probably all for the best.

Well, it’s official, last week I experienced my first kiddo meltdown moment. A little girl in my program in the middle of making our craft for the day, started to rub her eyes and tear up. I was busy helping a bunch of little ones who were asking me to cut this out, and that out and to help them with glitter and glue and can they have this and that… but when I turned around to grab something I noticed this little girl with glitter all over her face starting to sniffle. I asked her what was wrong. By the look of it, I thought maybe she had just gotten some glitter in her eye… since really, she was quite covered in the stuff. Wrong. She wanted her Mommy and she wanted her now. Of course, the child having the meltdown is the only one that I seem to have a problem understanding speech wise. When she is not crying it is easier for me to understand what she says… but through the tears I understood that she was trying to tell me that she thought her Mom was not going to remember to pick her up today. Her sister had left on a play-date at the last minute, and she was scared that no one was going to come and get her. This thought made her rather hysterical. Poor girl. She was crying so hard. I tried everything. We talked, we breathed, I asked her to help me with things, tried to distract her, tried to calm her down… her fellow kindergarten pal even gave her an animal cracker in hopes of making things better…. nothing. After the screaming had gotten to a point where she was trying to run out the gate, I thought that as much as I didn’t want to, it was probably time to call her mother and just let her hear her mom’s voice. I had at least twelve other kids making crafts and running around and I needed to be able to see everyone and what they were doing, and not just chase this one girl around… so, I gave in. We called her mom. I felt bad. I didn’t want her mother to worry… but, I figured I would be okay with that situation as a parent. As soon as the little girl talked to her mother, the tears stopped. She was fine. We survived meltdown mode. Falling apart never seemed to be so easily cured. It’s the little reassurances I guess.

Today I have a cool craft planned, making banners of painted newspaper leaves for fall. It should be cool… hopefully I will be able to take some pictures of what we make. It is hard to take pictures sometimes because I get caught up in the craft with the kids and they always want me to help out. 🙂

Fall is supposedly here…. but it is still 98 degrees outside, and a little humid… which, let me tell you feels AWESOME if you are having sinus issues. Yesterday morning, Peter and I went for a jog/walk at the park and it was actually in the 50’s, and chilly! That was awesome. I am so ready for autumn. I want it to be brisk out. I want lots of leaves to fall. I want to wear a jacket because I need to. I would like to drink hot tea because it would be comforting. I would love a little rain.

I will write some more stuff later… there are more stories to tell, but I gotta go get some things ready for the day. Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday!


~ by soartsyithurts on October 28, 2008.

One Response to “Falling Apart”

  1. Oh my goodness – hope you’re feeling better now! We’re also supposed to be having autumn, but quite the opposite has happenned here in England: snowed yesterday. Apparantly the last time it snowed in October was 1937. All well and good but not great fun when the snow ices over and you have to make your way to work walking (or sliding) on iced up pavements. Brisk is not the word. So mayb you can bttle up and send me some warmth and I’ll retrurn the favour with some autumn brisk-ness 🙂

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