G’morning! It’s Friday! Woo hoo! 🙂

I woke up this morning with the intention of working out, per usual… actually Peter and I were on our way to the gym, but this particular morning we got sidetracked and found ourselves having a breakfast date in Studio City (note: opposite direction of the gym. ha ha.) It’s nice to be spontaneous like that sometimes and have some quality one on one time to relax and just be together. I am really happy it’s Friday. I am looking forward to just having a chill weekend with no real commitments…. we will see if that actually holds. I feel like I keep on getting asked to do things, or locked into commitments somehow, but I could really use just some sleepy me time.

My dad was in town this week, working, and he was kind enough to take P and I out to dinner on Wednesday night. We went to Pace (pronounced Pah-Chay… you know, Italian for Peace.) on Laurel Canyon. It was nice to see him. I was feeling super stressed out and just seeing my Dad calmed me down a bit and I was able to enjoy his company… and a nice glass of wine. I miss my family a lot. I really wished we all lived closer. I like where I live, and it continues to grow on me (not so much the extended 100 degree summers) but I would really love to be able to drive over to my parents house some Saturday afternoon and just have some tea with my mom and hang out, without it being a 6-10 hour drive or a friggin’ expensive flight.

So, yesterday at work I decided to bring in some face paints and glitter and do up the kids faces. They were super into it. 🙂 I was stoked that they were so stoked about it. I had originally posted some pictures from the day, below… but, I have been getting a little more traffic on my blog and really didn’t want to have pics of the kids on here.  If you are close friend or family let me know and I will send you a link to some pictures… other than that… gotta protect the little ones.

Today I think we are going to make masks… I’ve been cutting out mask shapes from paper bags all morning… so hopefully they will be into it, and maybe I will grab a few photos.

Hope everyone is having a great Friday!


~ by soartsyithurts on October 17, 2008.

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