Be still, my beeswax heart.

It is Friday, and I am officially exhausted. I will, after today, have completed my first week of work at VWCS! I didn’t anticipate this job to be so tiring.. but basically I am trying to keep up with fifteen or so 4-9 year olds and all of their shenanigans… and believe me, there are shenanigans. I have started to realize that the older kids are testing me out. They like to see how far they can go before I will reprimand them. They do things they KNOW they are not supposed to be doing, they pretend like they can’t hear me, they make repeat offences, and all in the spirit of seeing if I will provide them with boundaries. I do. I figure I might be unpopular for an hour or so with a few third graders, but on the other hand, the black top is not flooded by the hose that one of them got out in order to make MORE mud, no one is bleeding from bite marks made during an out of hand wrestling scuffle, and one of my kindergartners is not falling off of a pole she insists on climbing that is way too flimsy. All crises averted with a combination of these words (in no particular order) : no, please, stop, NOW, down, off, because, I, said, so, enough, no more.

The kids call me a variety of things, but the list includes “Miss Gina”, “Mrs. Gina”, and the occasional “Teacher!” It feels so official to be called any of these things… especially the Mrs., since I’m pretty sure I must have missed my own wedding, or I just don’t remember becoming a Mrs . I secretly love all of these names and think it’s really cute. It makes me feel a little old, but not in a bad way.

Yesterday, I received my first piece of artwork from one of the kids. Taylor, this bright little peanut of a kindergartner, made me a heart that she colored with her beeswax crayons. It is currently on my fridge. I was so tickled with this gift. I felt special to receive awesome kidtastic art that I had watched her create and work hard on. Oh, be still my beeswax heart! 😉

Earlier in the week, the same little girl almost made me bust up laughing. She is super small, yet insists she is big, tough and Strong, and therefore does not hesitate to jump full force into any sort of pig-pile or wrestling situation that might be going on, even if the kids are MUCH bigger than her. I had to stop her earlier in the week from being trampled by some bigger boys in such a situation. I guess in the process of getting out of the pile, one of the boys accidentally kneed her in the crotch. She looked at me with pained eyes as I grabbed for her hand, and said.. “Ow!! My penis!! He kicked me in my penis!” I simply assured her it would feel better in a minute when we walked it off… but on the inside, i wanted to cry with laughter. How cute is that? Too good.

I will have more stories later… as for now, time to go to work and finish up my first week. Toodles.


~ by soartsyithurts on October 10, 2008.

2 Responses to “Be still, my beeswax heart.”

  1. Hey cousin, I am stoked to hear you have a gig that it sounds like you enjoy 🙂 I’ve been working at Jada’s old preschool for about 2 months. I am teaching the Pre-K class, and I can totally relate to all the “shenanigans”. It is definitely a change from the business degree that I worked SO hard to complete, however, it is great to have a workplace that will allow me to take the girls with me! Although it is not the glamorous business exec job I dreamed of having at this point in my life, I believe it will be much more rewarding in the long run…funny how life works out!

    Anyhoo, maybe we can swap some ideas for fun activities! I miss you more than you can imagine. Love you, and PLEASE keep in touch!

  2. I miss you too, Janna Banana. We should definitely share some activity ideas. Are you still maybe coming out to cali for x-mas? I would love to see you guys!! love you.

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