You Can Take The Girl Outta Waldorf, But…

Well, It’s official… the part time job search is over for now. I am now the new Aftercare Director for the Valley Waldorf City School in Balboa Lake.

For all of you who do not know, I was a Waldorf student myself (see picture on left… yeah, that is me in the “ESPRIT” sweatshirt and questionable choice of socks and Birkenstocks. We were on a field trip. Also notice our teacher’s neck scarf…classic Waldorf male attire.) I will always have a soft spot in my heart for Waldorf school and all that it is. I actually found the listing for this Aftercare job on craigslist… how weird is that? The thought of playing with kids for a few hours each day sits with me as not such a bad job. However, post interview and actually attaining the job I started to get nervous about my first day. I felt like the new kid, as I walked into the gates of the school today. No one really knows who you are… there are a lot of whispers. Eek. Is anyone going to like me?

For the first week I have a teacher helping me out, which is really nice. I have about 13 kids toward the beginning of the day, and that winds down to about 5 after an hour and a half has passed. Its intimidating to not really know any of the kids names, yet have to be able to discipline them and tell them to get off of walls they should not be climbing on, or to stop hitting some other kid. I felt like there was a lot of “Hey… um.. Hey… YOU..yeah, YOU, in the red shirt…what is your name? Please stop kicking the boy who is crying… now. Thank you.” Not like the kids were bad… they were pretty well behaved.. but c-mon when there are Kindergarten through 5th graders running around there are bound to be some crazy things going on.

Finally I met a really friendly little girl who asked me to push her on the swings. Up until that point I felt a little bit like an outsider… but this kid was cool. Her name was Anjela. She is in Kindergarten. She was super chatty telling me all about her life and her brother, her friend Taylor, and different incidents where she has fallen down… also something about something smelling like soup, but it wasn’t entirely clear what she was talking about at that point… I just nodded. I was telling her about how I used to go to a school like hers… a Waldorf School, when she said “Oh… I THINK I go to a Waldorf School. I think I always have gone to one.” haha. I loved it. She also informed me all about how her teacher said there was going to be a new aftercare girl, and told the class, and now she is meeting me and how it was nice to meet me. Nice to meet you too, Anjela. You are fabulous.

After snack we had said goodbye to quite a few kids… and then we played a RIP ROARING game of Red Light Green Light. Good fun. I forgot how much kids LOVE that game. It’s intense. Kids also enjoy: Mud, dirt, more mud, climbing things they arent suposed to climb, wrestling, running, snacking, dirt, mud, and did i say dirt?

Aidan, one of the kindergarten boys was the only kid left at the end, and he started to talk to me about how he doesn’t really understand why we have to have numbers to explain our age… but then he said something about how it helps us to be able to tell that we are not as old as the trees. I loved his reasoning skills and his tired eyes figuring it all out and talking it out with such deliberate reason. Very precious.

I can’t wait to get to know the kids and the school a little bit better. I have LOTS OF ideas for crafts to do with them… if any of you have cool ideas, let me know. I appreciate suggestions. 🙂 Anywho… first day down. I am still alive.

Reliving my Waldorf experience… one day at a time.


~ by soartsyithurts on October 7, 2008.

One Response to “You Can Take The Girl Outta Waldorf, But…”

  1. Sounds like the absolute perfect job for you G!! I’m so happy!!!! YAY! And a little jealous you get to have fun with kids that are not yours (yes, it really does make a big difference LOL). Have so much fun!

    PS. I’m still thinking about a uber chocolaty desert for you . . . I’m just a slacker *blushing*

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