Alright, so I might have been over ambitious when I decided to start two other blogs when I have a hard enough time keeping this one updated.  I think I will try to just post everything in here from now on… maybe that will change.  I will keep you posted, so to speak.

I just watched a really great little indie picture called, Kabluey, staring Lisa Kudrow and Scott Prendergast.  It slid under the radar, and had virtually no advertising before it hit theatres.  I think it is worth watching though.  It is different, and real life kind of funny.

Here is a short synopsis of what it is all about (taken from IMDB.com) :

“A jittery bundle of uncertainty, Salman is the last person his sister-in-law Leslie wants to turn to for support. But with a husband in Iraq, two unbelievably unruly kids underfoot, and the fear of losing her benefits if she doesn’t return to work, she’s got no choice. So when Salman arrives on her doorstep, willing to help but woefully ill-equipped, he’s less her salvation than a personification of everything that’s gone wrong with her life. As the situation at home worsens, Salman lands a job at a moribund dot-com as their giant blue corporate mascot and soon discovers that having a secret identity – even a ridiculously impractical one – has its advantages.”

And of course the preview…


~ by soartsyithurts on October 1, 2008.

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