Chop, Chop!

While in Edmonds Rach and I got our haircut.  I wasn’t aware that one could still get a decent haircut for $39.00.  I was actually a bit shocked.  L.A. is ridiculous as far as beauty services are concerned… A cheap haircut here is in the upper $80.00 range.  Ew.  I know.  Perchance that is why I let my hair get unspeakably gross before I cut it… Frugality.

Anyway, even though my hair is short for me, Rachie’s is sooo short!  She pixie cut it.  Super cute. She was understandably nervous since it was a huge change, but she had been wanting to do this ever since I have known her… Her one big concern was looking like a boy.  While getting her haircut this little girl, maybe five years old or so comes in and sits down in the hairdresser’s chair right next to Rach.  She looks at Rach and then looks at her Mom.  She then says these very words “Hey, Ma’, She is going to be a boy!”  HAHAHA.  We both laughed quite a bit.  Gotta love little kids and their no filter communication systems. Her mom seemed embarrassed and kept saying “No, honey, she doesn’t look like a boy, she looks cute. shhh.”

Well, i think it turned  out really well. Not manly.  Here are some pics I took of her right after her haircut while we were waiting for my haircut.  Mini-photo-shoot.


~ by soartsyithurts on August 21, 2008.

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