Independently Awesome.

On the Fourth we went to BBQ at our friends Dylan and Kim’s house. They live in San Pedro… or as we lovingly like to refer to it as “The Pedro”. They have a huge rooftop deck area where we were able to see TONS of fireworks. Our friends Jeff and Sara came too. We ate food, watched fireworks and inevitably battled a little guitar hero. Goodtimes.

Early on in the evening we spotted another group of roof-deck partiers having some sort of Euro-Dance extravaganza… heavy on the techno and strobe lights. It only got better when these neighbors had a dancer perform with a FLAMING HOOLA HOOP! ridiculous at its best. I wish I had a photo from that part of the night, but I think I was just too taken aback by the awesome of it and got caught up in watching the performance… sorry guys.

Above are a few of the pics I took that night. You can check my flickr site for the rest of them. Hope you all had a fabulous Fourth!


~ by soartsyithurts on July 8, 2008.

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