I should be packing.

I should really be packing right now, or at least formulating how I am going to pack everything into my medium sized suitcase without breaking any of the strictly enforced weight limits of the glorious airlines.  I am going to Maui for two weeks with my family!  I haven’t been on a real vacation in something like five years (since the last time my parents were cool enough to drag me along to which ever Hawaiian island they were attending.  I have missed out on a few vacations/trips because of inconvenient things like school.  bummer.)  Anyway, I should be packing.

The intense packer in me wants to drag out the largest suitcase I can find and fill it with things like fifteen pairs of shoes and maybe a scarf just in case it is cold… my entire medicine cabinet in case anyone gets ill… and maybe Gunther, she looks like she could use a little vacay! I know this is not practical, so I must modify this instinctual packing list and go for the normal two pairs of short, some flip flops, a swimsuit (still looking for one. oy.) and a toothbrush as not to offend my fellow travelers… maybe some deodorant.  I have started to form a packing list on paper, under the main headliner of: PACK LIGHT!!  but as I started to build the list it started to grow bigger and bigger… My mother tries to remind me that where we are staying has a washer/dryer.  This would help… if I was rational in times of travel.  I will probably start to pack my sensible list and see that it is going pretty well only to see I have extra room, leaving me thinking “hmm..well, I could just slip in that pair of knee high boots!  oooh… or maybe some unnecessary hair products that I wont touch during the trip, but will explode during flight?  yes! yes!  good idea!  JUST IN CASE!!” Lord, help me.

I also have on this list a few stops I need to make before I fly home tomorrow… and a list of tasks such as calling my insurance company to get them to override my perscriptions so that I can get them before I leave for Maui.  Annoying, much?  I generally detest anything that has to do with phonecalls and insurance.  both together is just a doozy.

Anyway, I really should start packing.  My cat is starting to get weird and is sitting in my suitcase like a little gargoyle.

Should I bring my own goggles?  and how many pairs of sweatpants is too many?  um… I am in trouble.

Aloha, Friends.


~ by soartsyithurts on July 8, 2008.

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