I’ve Got Rhythm…

So, last week I attended the ASCAP Rhythm and Soul Awards with the Fam in order to see my Dad receive an award for a song he wrote/produced. He is all kinds of awesome, and I am overwhelmingly proud of the man. It was really cool to be able to see him receive some sort of award and be able to cheer obnoxiously loud and jump up and down a little. It was a crazy awards show though… after all it was the RHYTHM and SOUL Awards, which basically translates into I am the whitest person in the room (after Peter… and maybe some of the Publishers…I don’t count my Dad as white so much since he has too much street cred and way too much rhythm.) I had been concerned before arriving that my dress was too short, however once I stepped on the scene I saw that I was conservatively dressed…. sigh. There were definitely dresses that could have been shirts… and not long shirts either. At least I did not feel as self conscious.

I felt minorly out of place as I was treated to a Flo-Rida performance while I was chowing on some sort of chicken dish and wine. It got rowdy in there. I also got the privilege of getting acquainted with some Shawty Lo as I supped on a trio of deserts. Lovely.

The whole awards ceremony was topped off with a painstakingly long New Edition tribute. Nothing against New Edition, I very much enjoy them… but tributes can be kind of obnoxious unless the performers giving the tribute are ah.may.zing! This was not the case. There was definitely a girl group somewhere in there trying to sing, dance and pull of some New Edition tunes while wearing a blend of pink sparkle spandex and early 90’s flare. I don’t hate on pink spandex as much as I would like to hate on the general length and ridiculousness of their performance. Sorry, ladies. I was hoping that the whole trib would be topped off with an ACTUAL New Edition performance since all of the members were there to receive the award… but no dice. We did get to hear Bobby Brown talk about how much he loved all the members like brothers… even though he got kicked out of the group after five years… and how he is trying to get it all together and make his new marriage work. Can you tell it was long winded?

Anyway…. I am real out of date with the rappers of today. I think the last rap album I actually purchased was Salt N’ Peppa… So, you can see how I might not know everyone’s faces. Towards the end of the Awards I was trying to push my way through the crowd in order to get to where the rest of the fam was and to the valet… I ended up hustling some guy and bumping shoulders with him to get by… basically because I am hardcore… I didn’t think anything of it until I looked back to see my brother shaking hands with the man. Oh. Damn it. I just hustled NeYo to get through the crowd… I basically shoved him a little and probably gave him some attitude… real good, Gina… real good.

As we were leaving in the car to go back to my parent’s hotel, some dude who I have not yet identified decided to get out of his car (an escalade no doubt…so a large car.) and leave it in the way blocking traffic out of the vallet area to try to pick up on another woman in another Escalade. Classic.

When you go to an event you usually end up with an adult version of a goody bag… sometimes they are awe.some…. let me show you what was in the ASCAP goody bag:

A sensitive teeth kit… a water bottle… some organic health bars… scalp shampoo… vocal ease… bed head smoothing stuff…. courvoisier, and a promo CD.

Kind of a treasure chest of strange. I look forward to breaking out that sensitive teeth kit.


Here is a pic of my Daddy with his award!


Proud of you, Dad.


~ by soartsyithurts on July 1, 2008.

2 Responses to “I’ve Got Rhythm…”

  1. Wooohooo go Gina’s Dad! You will have to tell me how the teeth kit works out…that is probably the best goodie bag I have ever seen!

  2. I was a little disappointed when they [Louis and Sam] lost out on the ‘grammies’ in there nominated categories … however, it only meant that greater things were to come. Thus, this is just the beginning and I’m glad the ‘industry’ is finally realizing the amazing talent of this talented duo. Congratulations! [that pic Gina is indeed ‘priceless!’] Regards, gabbie

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