I’m Sweating Profusely…And Other Bits of Information.

It has been hotter than hot here in Los Angeles. I am sweating profusely. Thankfully today it is a bit cooler than it has been… but still, it’s no picnic. It’s the kind of weather that welcomes back of the knee sweat, and stomach sweat, and all kinds of unflattering nasty things. Hate it. My apartment is old, it is not one of the newer fancy type apartments that come equipt with things like dishwashers, in house laundry, or central air… we do however have an “airconditioner” in the front room that is about as functional as a small child breathing a stream of hot air over your body if you happen to be in range. We have fashioned the living room with box fans and tried to get a system of airflow going… We have moved our actual mattress into our living room as well, and pretty much closed off the rest of the apartment and deemed it unlivable. It has been condemned until further notice. I have taken to wearing only my underpants and using things like a squirt bottle (pictured above) and ice cubes to aid in the misery of this early summer heatwave. I look forward to the day when i can put pants back on… or at least have the option. I am living like a pants-less hobo vagrant shut in…awkward.

In other news, I thought I would share that I have another sort of blog-site thingy on myspace (aside from my personal myspace) It is a joint myspace with my friend Rachel. We are both fans of listing things and of absurd things… so it is basically a site where we list absurd things. If you like that kind of thing, check it out for sure. It’s worth a little peek.

Lists include such things as:

The Long Awaited TAT list (as in tattoo)

My Favorite Feline Names!

Creative Ways to Break Up

Let Us Plan Your Themed Wedding…

and much more…. with lots more on the way.

***Click To Visit The List Lover’s Myspace Page***

I went to the ASCAP awards last night to see my Dad recieve and award for being awesome, but that just belongs in a whole other blog… so you will have to wait for that. But basically, my Dad is kind of a badass with a side of hot hot talent. 🙂

I am going to go sweat some more now.


~ by soartsyithurts on June 24, 2008.

2 Responses to “I’m Sweating Profusely…And Other Bits of Information.”

  1. Damn. And I thought at least Southern California is bearable these days… come up here to Sacramento if you want to sweat some more 😉

  2. oh man… every morning as we watch the news before going to work i get so sad for friends in LA and the I.E. as they list off the temps.

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