What if it is just that easy?

Yesterday afternoon I found myself surfing through my unwatched tivo selections. I ended up deciding on this older episode of Oprah about Past Life Regression. I had no idea what it was about, so I thought why not give it a go. It is a process that happens in hypnosis, a very deep hypnosis, where apparently you can do deep enough to remember your experiences as a very young child and even further back into past lifetimes. I am not sure if I believe it. I have a healthy amount of skepticism surrounding my view of this practice, but the way the Dr. on the show was using this practice was as a tool to help people through their anxieties and their fears. People who were literally paralyzed with irrational fears and unexplainable anxieties went through this sort of therapy and after a few sessions their fears/anxieties vanished and they felt calm for maybe the first time ever.

It’s this weird concept that we have memory, or maybe our cells, or spirit holds memories of traumas that happened to us even before we started out in this life, and that if we do not heal these traumas they might manifest themselves in weird ways in our lives today. I know that I have a lot of weird anxieties that I can’t really explain or justify… things that I have been fearful of my entire life without an experience in this life to warrant a logical explanation. Why am I completely afraid of my own cirulatory system (particullarly veins and wrists) or why am I afraid my throat is going to close-up? Hypochondria aside, I don’t really feel that is the whole story behind those fears. What if I had some past life experience where I bled to death, or I suffocated? Kind of dark, but It might make some sense to me if that were true.

What if it really was/is that easy? What if all it takes to overcome a lifetime of anxieties is a couple of sessions of past life regression, and acknowledging the things that happened to you in some alternate lifetime? It sounds completely bazaar, but also kind of amazing. Even if these aren’t true past life memories these people are experiencing, they are experiencing something strong enough and affirming enough to calm them and set them free of one heck of a burden.

I was thinking after watching the show that I might want to try something like that, but then I realized I am kind of afraid of what might happen. It is this mix of feeling that it might be one big joke and not do anything, or what if it does do something and it is powerful and upsetting? Would I really want to know what happened to me in past lifetimes? How I have died previously? And as much as the anxiety might subside like it did for the others partakers in this healing practice, it is just this huge unknown.

Is it easier to just say “what if?” than to jump in and try something new? The whole thing makes me a little anxious. heh. šŸ™‚


~ by soartsyithurts on June 18, 2008.

2 Responses to “What if it is just that easy?”

  1. Wow. Sounds really intriguing. It would make sense for many people to try something like that to get rid off their fears and anxieties, but I think I would be hesitant about it myself.

  2. In a past life regression, you don’t have to relive your past experiences. Rather, you can opt to watch yourself as though it were a movie. Often, this removes the emotional trigger and allows you to view yours lives from a safer, more controlled, observer perspective.


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