Workouts and Sightings

Today as I was doing a morning walk at the track in the Sherman Oaks Park and I encountered a man in a tapestry floral cap and what appeared to be no pants, I started to think about all of the sightings that my workouts both gym and outdoors provide me with… it’s almost like Christmas for the avid people watcher. oh, and I AM a people watcher. I love how there are so many types of crazy (I am sure I am at least four or five of those types myself…) and how quirky people are.
Rachel might be one of the only other people I have ever met that really truly enjoys a good sighting and/or encounter as much as I do, and since she decided to move to WA in order to save money to go to Italy (whatever, Rach.) I feel it is my friendly duty to start a blog that can be updated frequently about all of the characters I encounter during my daily fitness bouts. Enjoy, Rachers.
1) “Aqua-man”– This is a character I see almost every time I go to the gym. He is lovingly named “Aqua-man” due the aqua-suit that he works out in. He wears a full body wet suit thing, everyday, the same one… The only other accessory he ever puts to use is a sweatshirt that sports a sweet patriotic theme. Did I mention that his rubber work out suit comes complete with booties? watersocks of sorts. Part of me wants to go up to this man and really inquire about his outfit and perchance about his fear of flooding, or perhaps a profuse sweating problem that requires aqua-gear-strength assistance? I might never know. I would actually go up and MAYBE talk to the guy if he wasn’t a glare giver. I think he is angry… maybe because he is wearing a rubber suit.
2) “Jazzercize Glitter Grandma”– Also a chatacter from my gym life. She is probably upwards of 65 and really does not hold back when it comes to spandex style. I actually hope I am as bold as this woman when I am a senior. She wears cut-out shirts, a glitter fanny pack, a headband, purple or pink legwarmers, sometimes a thong leotard over the spandex leggings circa 1990. She tops off this apparel with a combination of weight lifting and jazzercize moves in front of the mirror. She is so full of energy, I kind of want to give her a high five… and I not so secretly would love to borrow her gold and glittery fanny pack.
3) The Leather Chaps Incident: As Pete and I were doing a morning walk/jog type thing through the park we came across a trash can that had a pair of ass-less studded leather chaps half clinging to the side and sticking out of the top. How did those get there? What is the story behind those ass-less chaps being disregarded and left as trash for a local and lucky leather daddy bum? If those were YOUR ass-less chaps and you are reading this, please e-mail the story over promptly. I need to know. Or, if you are the current owner of said chaps, I would also love to know how that is working out for you….I must say that now every time we are in the park in the morning I am kind of always hoping to find one of our local bums clad in said chaps.
More to come soon…. I have many more, I just need a break from the ol’ blog.

~ by soartsyithurts on June 11, 2008.

One Response to “Workouts and Sightings”

  1. i have a fun sighting that you would have loved. while working at an event in downtown sparks, nevada this weekend i saw a fav. character. ok, picture a good smelly homeless type on a bicycle. it’s a hot day, too hot for pants and a jacket, but he’s wearing a shearling leather jacket with no shirt underneath and red sweat pants most likely women’s. the kicker, as he rides by me there are two soccer balls on the back of the pants one on each cheek. god do i love fashion statements!! cheers..elizabeth

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